Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Taste Of Heaven: Guatemala Casi Cielo

Casi Cielo: Almost heaven. That's what the phrase means and it couldn't be more aptly named. One waft of the aroma of this coffee will take you to the clouds. Lemony accents permiate the air while a subdued hint of cocoa and berries lingers upon your senses. The coffee smells deep and dark but this is just a feign to the reality of its smooth elegance. One can imagine the host of dishes that can be served with such a versatile coffee: savory cheeses, decadent chocolates, hearty appetizers, succulant prime rib, and plump, luscious berries. Ahhhhhhhhh.... Heaven, I'm in Heaven....
Oh, yeah, I suppose we should actually taste this elegant slice of heaven. Surprisingly, the lemony accents do not arrive on the taste buds at all, and defy the thought of a highly acidic coffee. It actually tends to be more mild on the taste buds, but I am sure that some citrusy desserts or meals (such as lemon herb chicken) will allow this to tantalize the senses. The hidden hints of cocoa and berry however, tend to be the most vibrant of flavors. A chocolate glazed raspberry cheesecake or even some dark chocolate cherry cordials would be a fantastic dessert to serve with this coffee. If served as an appetizer, one could substitute their fine wine with this coffee with a plate of water crackers, cheeses and ripe grapes. As I had guessed, the bold aromas of this coffee were faux, as the coffee does not linger in your mouth at all, and actually tends to be more mild and light bodied than expected.
Kudos to Starbucks on this elegant and refined pleasure that has been blended specifically for the culinary masters of the 4 and 5 star restaurants of the Seattle Area. However, for a limited time this heavenly brew is available at all Starbucks establishments, Starbucks online, and the Vulhop household. Hurry while supplies last!


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